Haulm Topper

Original price was: KES 6,000.00.Current price is: KES 5,000.00.

In order to promote uniform ripening of the tubers, haulm reduction can be carried out two to three weeks before harvesting. In addition to preventing the transmission of viral infections from the haulm into the tuber, a good skin set on the tubers can be achieved to improve storability. Instead of or as a supplement to chemical siccation, GRIMME offers a sustainable solution of haulm topping. By using a haulm topper, the haulm of the potatoes is mechanically crushed and deposited between the ridges. Careful placement of the haulm between the ridges is important. Epecially if the stems of the potato plants are to be treated with other herbicides afterwards. A further advantage is the reduced risk of blockage at the intake of the harvester and the resulting increased throughput capacity in case of extreme masses of haulm.

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